Editable history window is a setting that determines how far you can go back in time when editing reservation details.

This features is useful when you need to edit certain details in the past. For example, it might be necessary to add and check-in a yesterday’s reservation. Perhaps, you may also be willing to change some details such as a business segment that was assigned incorrectly in the past. In such cases, Editable history window allows to adjust how many days back in time you can go to implement these changes.

As our system does not have a Night audit, the Editable history window is necessary to deal with No-shows and Walk-ins. In order to find more information on this topic, please, read this page.

The maximum our system allows is 60 days, and the default value is set to one day.

Although, the Editable history window is useful, it should be handled carefully, as a negligent use of it can cause serious issues. For instance, when you change information about reservations in the past, the integration partners would not necessarily proceed with reconciliation, therefore, serious accounting errors can be caused. Try to consider the situation where you go back in time and increase a price of a particular reservation. Although, the system will be showing you the new amount, it does not necessarily mean that a payment integration will charge the difference. Therefore, there may be a mismatch between reports and an account balance. In the example of changing a business segment, the change could trigger the change of package rules and therefore the rate (e.g. you are changing the business segment from Leisure individual to Corporate client, where Corporate client business segment is 40 per cent cheaper).

In case you hesitate what an optimal solution is for your case, contact our support team, who will gladfully provide you with our advice.

If you are willing to change the Editable history window, go to Settings and then proceed to Options. There you would be able to adjust for how many days and hours you can go back in time. You can perform this operation only if you have admin rights.