The admin of a hotel can assign a “cashier” to individual persons or to multiple persons. Once a user has a cashier set up on his profile, a new icon will appear at the top of his/her screen. Through the Cashier they have access to complete cash transactions in the system. All cash transactions are tracked since the cashier was first opened (after a closed shift) in chronological order.

In Cashiering there are 2 options:

  • New Transaction: This will allow for cash to be recorded that is used for petty cash transaction, such as parking, buying flowers for guests, etc.

  • Currency Exchange: This option also allows for currency exchange, but only for hotels that actually offer this service. From this screen, you can input the amount of money and the guest’s name, and the system will calculate the converted amount and commission.

The cashier also tracks all Cash transactions made in the system on guest bills. THe cashier will keep a full overview of all cash income (money coming in) and outcome (money given out) and it will always give a snapshot of the current balance, which should correspond to the actual real-life balance of the cashier. At the end of the shift you would select "close cashier" and the system will ask you to which balance you would like to return the cashier. When you close the shift, the cashier will print a report that also highlights the amount of money in the "cash drop" that needs to be handed over to the manager.

Opening your Cashier

Once your cashier is set up, it will open with a 0 Opening balance.

Usually you start your shift with a minimum opening balance, so that you have some change in your cash desk to pay back to customers who do not pay their bill with an exact amount. To set the opening balance at the beginning of the system, select "New Transaction" and post the amount of money received in the "Value Received" field with a note, describing this is the initial balance setup. Once you have set up your initial balance correctly, you can start using the cashier, taking in money, paying out, directly from guest bills or in the cashier.

Note: if you are posting cash which is linked to revenue, you must post this on the Guest Profile Billing Screen, so that the system required firstly for revenue to be posted, which is then balanced against cash. If you post cash directly in the cashier, we will not post "revenue" against it, so its considered a simply cash exchange, which does not impact accounting report.

  • Example 1: if you send a team member to a shot to buy bananas, you would do a paid out directly from the cashier, and the receipt will need to be included in the shift-drop as "cash". In this case only a payment is posted in the cashier, not impacting accounting reports.
  • Example 2: if a customer pays for a minibar item in cash, you have to go to his Guest Profile, first post the minibar item, and then post the cash. So that both revenue and payment are posted.

Closing your Cashier

  • At the end of the shift, you need to count the money you have in your physical cash drawer.
  • Select the "Close Shift" button in the cashier
  • The system will ask you to which "base value" you would like to return the cashier once you close the shift. This value needs to be the base value of the money you would like to remain in the desk, for the next shift to start with (so for example 200 Euro in change). So if you put 200 Euro in that field, the system will calculate: "End Value of Cashier" minus "Base Value" = "Shift Drop Amount", and it will post this amount on a report, which you need to then give to your accountant (together with the money)

Once the shift is closed, the Opening Balance will start with 200 Euro (in this example).