In order to manage an existing reservation, you need to find the booking first. There are a few methods to quickly find a booking:

  • The quickest way is to type the guest name/e-mail/confirmation number/room number in the search box at the top menu. Once you select the customer, you will be redirected to the Customer Dashboard where you have an overview of all future bookings of this client. Please select “Manage Booking.”
  • You can select a booking directly on the timeline. The booking details will appear from the right. Please select “Manage” to open the “Manage Booking” screen.
  • From the reservation overview or reservation report, you can find a booking based on different filters. The bookings are selectable and once you open the booking, press “Manage Booking.”

The Booking Management screen consists of 2 sides, left and right. The right hand side contains the booking information. If you have a group booking you will see multiple names on the right, you can click on each name to open up the details about each booking. Next to each name you have an icon of a puppet, which will take you straight into the guest profile, and the second icon is a dollar sign, which will take you into the billing screen of the guest, lastly there is the icon of the timeline, which will find the booking on the timeline.

On the top bar you have several buttons:

  • Lock All or Unlock All: this will lock all the bookings on the timeline, so that no one can move the bookings, unless they unlock them again.
  • Select All or Deselect All: if you have multiple bookings in the reservation, you can quickly click this button to select or deselect all the bookings
  • Open All: this will open up the booking details of each individual reservation in this group.
  • Close All: this will close all the booking details of the individuals bookings
  • New Reservation: if you would like to add a new booking to an already existing group, you can click on this button, which will open the new reservation screen, with a group code prefilled, once you complete the new booking, it will automatically be part of the same booking.

Booking Tabs

The Booking Module consists of multiple tabs which allow you to manage the booking(s). We follow the below tabs which will be explained in detail below:

  • State
  • Properties
  • Group
  • Pricing
  • Items
  • Mailing
  • Action Log

Its possible to select multiple bookings, allowing you to much quicker manage the bookings. Depending on the different tabs, and whether the bookings contain similarly completed fields on all selected bookings, we will prefill the field on the left hand side of the screen.