When you open the "Batch Check-out" by clicking on the "Remaining Departures" link on the dashboard, it wil take you to the an overview that is split up into 2 sections

Reservations Available for Check-out

These are all bookings with departure today, and all companions on the booking have no balance to be settled on their accounts. Next to each booking you will find a tick-box that allows you to either "select all" or "deselect all", or you can select individual bookings which you would like to check-out.

Note that the balance on the bookings are 0 Euro, but most of the bookings will still have items on the bill that need to be closed. When you press the "Check-out" button, the system does 3 things:

  • Firstly it will check out all the rooms
  • It will turn the rooms to "dirty" if they were not already turned to dirty overnight
  • It will close all items on open bills. Note that if any items have not yet been allocated to a bill during check-in, the system is not able to close those items as it does not know to which bill of the guest to move the items before it closes it.

Reservations NOT Available for Check-out

Any reservations that are not balanced, or have items in multiple windows that do not balance, fall into the section "Not Available for Check-out".

Each booking has an icon that will take you straight into the billing screen of that guest, allowing you to quickly resolve any open payments or billing issues. As long as all items are moved into a bill, you do not need to close the bill. You can simply skip back into the report, and it will refresh and move the items to the section "available for check-out".

Once all bookings have been moved to the "available for check-out" section, you can press "check-out" and the system will process the check-outs.