When you select this box, it will offer you all available rate types in the system, and you can change the rate type (which will impact the cancellation conditions on the booking). It will also automatically recalculate the value of the booking based on the new rate type assigned. If you wish to keep the same rate, tick the box "Keep Old Rate"

Set Average Night Cost

If you wish to amend the average night rate, type the new value and select the currency. All rate changes require a reason to be completed in order to notify management of the change.

Percentual Discount

To give a percentual discount, type the discount percentage and complete the reason for the discount.

Per Night Pricing

First select the currency of the rate. Secondly for each night of the accommodation you can set a custom price that you have negotiated. In the last box, provide a reason for the reprice. Note that you cannot set a price that is negative. If you set the price to a value below the value of the products, it will set the value of the products (such as breakfast, etc) to 0.