In this tab you will see a list of all the items that have been ordered by or for the guest related to the booking. First you will see the accommodation nights. Secondly you will see a list of product orders (such as breakfast, parking, etc.). You can select each posted product to see more details about the creator, time of creation, etc. If the product has not yet been consumed, you will still be able to cancel the item from the bill.


You can quickly see each accommodation night and its value. But more importantly you can see on whose bill the accommodation was posted, so when you move the accommodation to someone elses bill, this is a quick way to find out where it was moved to.

Additional Expenses

When the booking is cancelled and you post cancellation fees, you can quickly see that in this overview

Product Orders

An overview of all the products that are linked to the accommodation part of the booking (such as city tax, breakfast, etc). If you are handling a future stay, you are able to quickly cancel products from the booking, by pressing "cancel".

Add Product

If you made a booking and you forgot to include a product (such as city tax/breakast) you can quickly select the product and add it. Note that when you add a product, it will increase the total price of the accommodation.


This is a feature that is specifically for hotels that operate in a country where tax is paid when money is received, not when revenue is consumed (for example Czech Republic). This feature allows for a correct taxaction of the revenue. For example:

  1. A non-refundable booking is made for next month
  2. You take payment today (as its non-refundable), which means you should pay VAT also today. However as teh revenue is only posted next month, we have built a 3rd step.
  3. You select the deposit option, which allows you to post a deposit (revenue correction). You can select the amount you would like to post, and the currency and VAT. Once posted, the system posts 1 revevenue item called "deposit" which should be closed against the payment you received today, allowing you to close the bill of these 2 items. The system will also post a second "deposit" item (with a consumption date, one month from today) which will balance out the future accommodation revenue and set the bill balance to 0, this bill should be closed on the day of departure.