In order to book company rates, track company bookings and statistics, and allow for company invoicing, you need to create and attach a company profile to bookings.

To create a new company profile, in the top menu, select the Profile icon and then select “Companies.” This will take you to a list of existing companies. You have the option to export the list of companies and their details, directly into Excel, if required.

It will also allow you to select “New Company,” which will create a new profile requiring completion of details.

Should a company have multiple branches, you will need to create the head-office as a new company. In the profiles of the branch offices, you can easily assign the head-office as “Mother Company,” which tracks the full statistics of the company under 1 main profile.

Unique Identifier

Each company profile gets assigned a unique ID in the system, which is displayed on the list of companies. This is an important number if your accounting departments requires to track the unique ID's of companies.

Mother Company

Often companies have different branches, and 1 global headoffice. In Mews you can create a "Mother Company" which would represent the global headoffice. As you then create smaller branch offices in different locations, you can link them to the Mother Company. This allows you to track production by branches, but also for the total Mother Company through the Reservations Report.

Activity Tracking

Unfortunately Mews does not currently offer a full CRM solutions, so in order to track some basic details about your companies and the contracts and contacts, you have some open text fields on the profile that you can complete and save in order to track some basic details.