To create the new travel agent profile, navigate to the main menu, select the "Profiles" section, then select "Travel agency contracts." This will take you to a list of existing travel agency profiles that have been set up for your hotel. From this screen, you can export a full list of Travel Agencies and their details directly to an Excel file.

On the right side of the header section, you can select to add a new travel agency profile,  which is represented by the '+' icon. This button will open a window where you can create your new profile, which will require completion of details.

The list of completed profiles is divided into 2 sections:

  • Local Travel Agencies: this would include travel agencies that are located or used exclusively in the same country as the hotel.
  • Foreign Travel Agencies: this would include travel agencies that have a registered address in a different country than where the hotel is located.

Global Travel Agent

When you create a new travel agency, you can always check if that travel agent already exists in the Global Mews Database. If this is a travel agent who will be connected to your channel manager, its important that you pick up the profile from the Mews database, rather than creating a new profile. This is because the Mews Database is already mapped against all of the Channel Managers.

Note once you select the Global Mews TA profile, you cannot change any of the details in the profile, such as TA address details, etc.

Local Travel Agent Contracts

If Mews does not have a Global Travel Agent set up, then you can create a "New Travel Agent" where you will be asked to input a number of details. If this Travel Agent will be mapped against your Channel Manager, be sure to inform Mews Support desk once the profile is created, so that they can update the mapping in the profile against the Channel Manager.

If you would like to update any of the local profiles, you can select any travel agent and update any additional details you may have such as IATA, contact person, address or notes with regards to the agency.

Reservation Settlement Options

One important field is the bill assignment field. If you manage this field correctly, when new bookings are made it will automatically assign the booking at the correct rate to the correct bill.

  • Customer Always: When a new booking is created for this travel agent, it will leave the stay charge in the customer field, as the guest will be responsible for paying his bill himself.
  • Customer Always without Commission: This option will discount the rate by the commission but still place the charge on the bill of the customer, who is due to pay for this charge.
  • Travel Agency Always: This option will move the stay charge to the Travel Agent bill, so that the travel agent, rather than the customer, will have to pay for the rate.
  • Travel Agency Always without Commission: This option will move the charge to the travel agent’s bill and will subtract the commission.
  • Travel Agency Only if Prepaid: This option will move the bill to the travel agent only if it was pre-paid. If it was a BAR rate or another non-prepaid rate, it will leave the charge on the guest bill to be paid upon departure.