Your Employee Profile

When you select the “Your Profile” icon at top of the screen, you will have several options.

Note: If you have created a guest profile in one or more of the hotels, your profile details will also show in this section, requesting more information.

Personal Information

  • Language: Here you can select the language in which you would like to display the system. Currently the system is translated in English, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Russian, German, French. Note that the default language of the system is English, so if anything is missing a translation in the system, it will show this item in English by default.
  • Culture: You can select the culture in which you would like to see the system displayed. It will show dates and numbers in the selected culture. For example if you select Czech, it will display the days of the week in Czech and require numbers such as 6.5 (six and a half) to be written as 6,5 (comma instead of the decimal point)
  • Default Account: If you have access to multiple accounts, you can select which hotel you would like to have as your default hotel. When you next log in to the system, it will open that specific hotel by default.

Profile Picture

You can upload your profile photo into the Mews Commander, so that when you send messages through the system to other users (inlcuding guests on the Navigator application), it will display your photo.


If you would like to change the password, select "Change Password," and the system will prompt you for your current password and the new password you would like to set. For security reasons, DO NOT ever share your password with anyone else, even if the person claims to work at Mews.

Should you have forgotten your password, visit and press the button "Forgot Password.” The system will prompt you to input your e-mail address and will resend your password.

Customers are sent login details via their confirmation e-mail. Once their profile is created in the system, their login details are sent to the e-mail address provided. Should you have a customer asking to reset their password or stating that they did not receive their login details, you can visit and press the button "Forgot Password." The system will prompt you to input the guest e-mail address and will resend the password.

Employee Privileges

Once you create new employee, you will always need to select a combination of employee privileges relevant to his/her duties. Below you may find a breif description of each privilege:

  • Manage Employees: Manage and create inferior users & assign workplace privileges
  • Configure Enterprise: Enables the employee to set up the general settings of the hotel (e.g. Emails, Editable History Window)
  • Configure Services: Enables employee to manage services.
  • Configure Spaces: This privilege enables to modification of spaces. It also allows placing rooms in Out Of Order.
  • Issue Invoices: Rights to create invoices with future payment date.
  • Manage Companies: Enables creation and management of Company Profiles
  • Manage Customers: Enables creation and management of Customer Profiles
  • Manage Reservations: Rights to amend details of a booking.
  • Manage Travel Agencies: Enables creation and management of Travel Agent Profiles
  • Modify Closed Bills: Right to modify bill address, or assign to company or travel agent after its been created.
  • Overbook Services: Right to create bookings, even when the room type is fully booked.
  • Perform Housekeeping: Right to change room status clean/dirty/etc
  • Receive Customer Messages: Right to receive customer messages from Navigator