From this screen you can select different payment types and manage prepayments and preauthorization. Mews does not store full credit card data. For data security reasons, we store only the last 4 digits of guest ‘s cards and the card type. You also get an overview of the preauthorization taken against which card. Using the last 4 digits will allow you to identify the correct card in order to match it to the guest’s card and use the preauthorization. This will ensure the protection of your customer’s sensitive data.

In order to innovate the way payments are taken within the PMS, we have done integrations with Braintree and Adyen. These companies are allowing storage of guest cards directly in the Mews Commander, once a card is stored in the system, this allows direct charging from the PMS, without requiring external credit card machines.

New Credit Card

  • To store a new online chargeable credit card, visit the "Payments" screen on the guest profile.
  • Select the "New Credit Card" screen. The screen will open and have 2 main sections, the left is the section for online cards (Braintree & Adyen) and the right hand side is for cards that are being charged via an external terminal.
  • Once you have stored a credit card, you will see a "Payment Gateway ID" which higlights that he card has been verified by the bank, and has now become chargeable through the system

New Preauthorization

  • To take a new pre-authorization, simply select "new preauthorization" and a similar screen as the "new credit card screen" will appear. You can either create a new credit card via the payment gateway (Braintree/Adyen) or if you have taken a manual preauthorization, you can create a "manual preauthorization"

New Payments

  • To take a preauthorization, select the button, and a new screen will open asking how much money to preauthorize.
  • Charge Preauthorization: if you would like to charge the preauthorization fully or partially (and release the remainder to the guest account automatically) you can select this option.
  • Delete: if you would like to release the preauthorization, select "delete" and we will communicate to the bank to release the transaction. Note that it may take up to 2 business days for Adyen to release the transaction.