Should your guests have specific comments that users of the system need to be aware of, you can choose different categories such as “VIP”, “Returning Customer”,  “Previous Complaint” and others. In case you require more categories, please contact your Mews representative.

Externally Chargeable

In traditional PMS systems you often have "paymasters" which are dummy accounts that allow you to post items from external POS system to those accounts. In Mews you can simply create a Guest Account called (for example) "Restaurant Charges" and tick the option "is externally chargeable" which would allow the POS to pick up this profile directly by typing the name of the account.

When the guest profile is enables as externally chargeable, it will enable postings to this account, even if you do not have a checked-in booking.


If you would like to blacklist a customer, then you can select this tickbox on the guest profile. It will prevent him/her from making a new booking either directly through the Mews Distributor or directly in the Mews Commander.

When the guest tries to book via the Distributor, he/she will receive a message to contact the hotel directly.

Guest Profile Notes

If you update the Guest Profile notes, these will print on the different reports (Reservations Report, Reservations Overview, Guest In House) ensuring all team members of the hotel see the comments of the guest each time they arrive.

Accounting Code

Each guest profile has a unique accounting code, automatically assigned, however, if you would like to manually assign accounting codes, this is possible through this open text field.


An important field on the guest profile is the language field, which specifies in which language the sytem communicated with the guest.

In order for the System to communicate with the guest, we need to define in which language this should be done. We feel that the language preference should be set by the guest automatically, rather than manually by the hotel. So we use the following criteria to set this:

  • Firtly the language field of the guest is determined by the language that the guest used to either book on the Distributor or the language he/she set during the online check-in.
  • If this selection was not made, then the language selection is done by the system based on Nationality.
  • Should no nationality be selected, then the guest will receive communication in the main language set as the "official language" for the hotel.

Hotels often ask us how they can change the language of a hotel. Unfortunately the hotel cannot manage the Guest Personal Data in the global database of Mews. If the guest has selected a specific language in which he/she would like to communicate, the hotel cannot override this.