Before explaining the functions of the Room Status Report, its important to understand the different room statuses:

  • Dirty: The room was vacated by the previous customer or has gone through a 1 night-run and is placed in the dirty status. This signifies to housekeeping that the room requires cleaning. Front office will not be allowed to check a customer into a room in this status.
  • Clean: Once the housekeeper has cleaned the room, he/she should place the room in the "Clean" status, signifying to the floor supervisor that the room is cleaned and should be inspected prior to arrival. Front office will not be allowed to check a customer into a room in this status.
  • Inspected: Once a supervisor or manager has inspected the room, it is placed in the system as "inspected," and front office is allowed to check a customer into this room.
  • Out Of Service: Placing a room out of service means that there is a minor defect in the room that can be fixed before 18h00 in the evening on the same day. The room is not taken out of the sales inventory and will continue to be sold.
  • Out Of Order: Placing a room out of order is a serious decision that should only ever be made by a supervisor. When you place a room out of order, it is taken out of the central inventory and will stop selling for the period that you have selected it to be out of order. You should always try to prevent using this status unless there is no other option.

To place a room out of order, select the room number via the timeline, and you will see a screen appear from the right. Select "Out Of Order," and the system will prompt you with the following questions:

  • Reason: Always write down the reason, so that all of your colleagues know the reason behind the out of order status.
  • Planned Out Of Order Start: Provide the date and time from which moment the room will be out of order.
  • Planned Out Of Order End: Provide the date after which the room will come back into service. If you select the room maintenance to be finished on Thursday (to be sold on Friday), place its out of order finish date as Thursday, and it will be automatically released on Friday for sale.

Room Status Report

From the dashboard you can select the "Room Status" report, which gives a more detailed overview of today's performance. This report gives an overview of all room details, which are necessary for housekeeping to manage their department.

Note that this report has been fully optimized for mobile, allowing a housekeeper to run the report from his/her smartphone, providing all the details as mentioned below, allowing the HSK team ot manage their floor without requiring any reports/support, instantly being able to inspect rooms back into the system.

  • Room Numbers
  • Room Status (Clean, Dirty, Inspected, Out Of Service): You can instantly change the status from this screen. Each night after midnight the system automatically turns all occupied rooms to “Dirty”, but leaves the “Clean” and “Inspected” rooms on the same status. If a room is checked in or out from the system, it is also automatically turned to “Dirty.”
  • The “Out Of Service” status should be used if you would like to temporarily block the room due to a small maintenance issue that can be fixed within that same day. Note that if you place a room “Out Of Service,” it does not impact the sales strategy, and the system will keep selling the room for that night. If the room is in a condition that does not allow it to be sold that night, you may want to place the room “Out Of Order.”
  • Departure: You can see whether the room is on departure and which guest is accommodated in the room.
  • Arrival: From this column you can see the name of the new arrival. If the name is displayed in between the 2 columns (departure & arrival), this means that the same guest is staying overnight in the room for another night. In brackets behind the name, you can see how many nights the guests is staying, and what night (out of the total nights) the current date is.
  • Heating Preset: If you have the heating module set up in your hotel, the system automatically pre-heats the room 3 hours prior to arrival. This is another reason why it is so important to always update the arrival time.
  • Card in Lock: If you have the card reader system in the bedroom connected, you can quickly see whether a guest is currently in the room (when the card is in the lock reader). This will help housekeeping identify the vacant rooms to clean.
  • Temperature: If you have the heating module set up, this will allow you to instantly see the exact temperature in the bedroom.


At the top of the report there are several options you can select to narrow down the report:

  • Filter: you can choose what types of reservations you would like to see. You can select the following options
    • Arrived: Rooms that has been checked in on the selected day.
    • Arriving: To be checked in on the selected day.
    • Arrived or arriving: Combination or one of the above options.
    • Departed: Booking that has been checked out on the selected day.
    • Departing: To be checked out on selected day.
    • Departed and arriving: Rooms that are checked out and about to check in today.
    • No arrival nor stayover: Room is available for the coming night.
    • Stayover: Room that is occupied for the selected day.
    • Used: Room is occupied for any period of time during selected date.
    • Vacant: Is not occupied for the selected date.
  • State: if you would only like to see rooms in a specific housekeeping state (for example, the supervisor would only like ot see "clean" rooms which require inspection.
  • Floor number: Shows only units located on a particular floor
  • Room category: Allows to select only a partricular room category

Good to know

  • You can watch our video on Room status report.
  • In some of our European countries there is a law, that if a room has been unoccupied for 7 days, the water in the pipes of the room needs to be flushed, in order to prevent potential legionella outbreak. We have implemented a feature across all hotels, where if a room is not occupied for 7 days, the system will turn it to "Dirty (Legionella)." It reminds housekeeping that they need to flush all water sources (shower, taps).