The Product Report is a chronological overview of the different package products that are included in the rate. This could be breakfast, half-board, city tax, extra beds, etc. The report always shows the total number of customers in-house on a specific day and how many products were sold in each category.

For example, if the column "Breakfast" shows: 61/75, this means that 61 guests out of the total of 75 guests on that day have breakfast included in their rate.

This report can be used by the kitchen/restaurant to plan ahead for the amount of breakfast/lunches/dinners that are pre-booked. Alternatively housekeeping can use it to track the amount of extra beds that are booked.

Important Note

Each product has a unique setting, which defines whether it is "consumed after night". Most products such as extra beds, dinners, etc should be set to be consumed before the night posting of the accommodation. However one product that does not follow this logic is breakfast, which is consumed only after the night is posted (logically, you only eat breakfast after you have slept). Should you have such a product, you will see that the number of breakfast skips to 1 day later, as realistically that is when those breakfasts are being consumed.