The Reservation Overview Report is a quick snapshot of all bookings on Arrival, Departure, In House and Optional Bookings. It always shows the most up-to-date status of the remaining arrivals and departures to ensure that the front office at any time is able to check which guests are still requiring action.

If you select 1 day only, it will give a detailed overview of all the individual bookings. If you select multiple dates, you will get a chart view, highlighting all arrivals/departures/stay overs, which will help you plan shifts in housekeeping and front office.

At the top of the report you will see a link to print the registration cards that are arriving on this specific date. If you print registration cards from this report, we will prefill besides the customer details, also the arrival, departure, room number and travel agent. Note: if there is no companion assigned to a booking, the registration card will print empty. So always ensure you have a guest assigned to the booking.

All bookings show:

  • Arrivals: every guest that is on arrival today
  • Departures: every guest that is due to depart today
  • In House: in House are all reservations that intersect with the selected day period (all arrival, departures and stayovers).
  • Button to take you directly to the “Manage Booking” screen
  • Link to the booking on the timeline
  • Link to the Customer Profile
  • Link to the Housekeeping screen where you can change the cleaning status of this specific room
  • Quick Link to print registration card of this booking
  • Reservation and Customer Notes on the booking
  • All companions on the booking