The Accounting Report provides a full overview of all the revenues posted, divided by revenue group, in order to analyse the income. See below a short breakdown of all the possible filtering options:


  • Company
  • Customer
  • Travel Agency

This filter allows you to filter by bill items that are assigned to either of the above mentioned entities.


  • Grouped: see all revenues grouped
  • Detailed: see each individual revenue item as an individual item


  • Billed: This filter will show all the billed revenue that has been processed in the selected time period. So if a bill was closed in that period, it will be included.
  • Consumed: This filter will show all the consumed revenue that has been processed in the selected time period. So if an item was consumed in that period, it will be included. These could be items that are still on open bills.

Group By

  • Accounting Category: if your accountant has set up Accounting Categories, this filter will group the different services/products within their selected accounting categories.
  • Bill: if you want to see a breakdown by customer/bill
  • Date: if you want to see the revenue broken down into individual dates
  • Service: this will breakdown the report by the services that have been posted, with the individual products as sub parts of each service.
  • VAT Rate: if you would like to see the report filtered by the different VAT rates.

If you export the report to Excel in detailed mode, you will have as well some additional information like Taxation date for example. Most accounting systems are able to import the Accounting Report Excel Extract into their system, to help track and record revenue and open invoices. When you select "Export to Excel" accountants can easily see all the revenue according to the filters selected, make necessary corrections, and then import it directly into the accounting program used.

Do you need a custom export?

Unfortunately Mews is not a customised product, and most hotels work with the provided reports to import the data into their accounting report. If your accounting program does not allow our import and you need a custom report, Mews can quote a price for the development of such a custom export (we do not currently do full 2-way connections for Accounting). Contact us at if you require this custom export. When you write to us, please provide a full and detailed guide of how the export should work, answering the following questions:

  • Consumed or Billed
  • Detailed or Grouped
  • What does each column mean in the export
  • What format should the export be
  • Provide several samples
  • Note that all materials should be in English in order for us to be able to develop it correctly