The Bills and Invoices Report is a chronological overview of all bills ordered by bill numbers (lowest to highest). This will help find a bill after departure, should you need to reprint or review it. If you have a bill number, at the top of the screen there is a search box, which helps identify bills quicker. Alternatively you can select a specific period during which the bill was closed to narrow down the search.

The top of the report shows the "Invoices". When a bill is closed to "invoice" the issuer is able to set a payment date, so that you can track whether an invoice was settled or not. When it is overdue, it will get an orange-tag highlighting that payment is late. If you would like to see the balances of all bills/invoices, select the "load values" at the top of the report, and it will add a column with all balances. You could then filter it down further, if you would like to see the unpaid balances of 1 specific travel agent or company.

Options and Filter

Load Values

This will load the value of the invoice, allowing you to quickly see the total amount of revenue outstanding on invoices.


In order to narrow down the search, you can filter by:

  • Closed Bill
  • Overdue Invoice
  • Paid Invoice
  • Unpaid Invoice