Departments help the hotels to identify individual employees with the responsibilities they have and to distribute tasks and orders from guests accordingly.

Examples of usual Departments:

  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Front Office
  • F&B

How to use Departments?

Whenever the manager (or other employee with Manage Employees privilege) creates a new employee, there is an option to assign a Department for this employee.


When a task is created, there is an option to specify which Department would be responsible (ie Maintenance for all things Maintenance related, Housepping all things HSK related). Anyone who checks the Task manager can easily filter out the Department he/she is responsible for and make sure that the task is done before the deadline.

Orders from guests

For every service in the hotel, you can assign the Responsible Department who may either receive notification within the Commander or to receive an e-mail whenever this particular service is ordered. For example the Front Office department will be notified whenever a booking comes into the Distributor or the F&B department is notified whenever a lunch or dinner is booked.
You can set up the responsible departments when you go to settings of each service under the tab Responsibilities. To decide whether notification should be send or just an email, you tick the respective option under the tab Options.

Good to know

  • Watch our video regarding departments which will help you to better understand how to set them up properly.