Hotels have the possibility to adjust certain aspects of the layout of the registration cards.


You can decide whether you want the registration cards to be printed on A4 or A5.


In order to have smooth check-ins we aim to display as little fields on registration cards as possible that are necessary for the communication with the guest (e-mail) or are required by law (e.g. surname, date of birth, etc.). However, some hoteliers require to collect more information about the guests.

Therefore, you can customize your registration card by adding the following fields:

  • Address
  • Confirmation number
  • Gender
  • Telephone
  • Visit reason


Information that you need your guests to see upon signing the registration card (e.g. fine for smoking disclaimer, etc.) can be placed into the text field which is HTML formatted. Please don't use this field for extensive T&C -> you can have them on your website or print them on the back side of the registration card. If the text is too long, it will be cut automatically.

Good to know

  • You can set up the text in every language your hotel supports or which language is used by most of your guests. Once the customer selects the language he/she wants to communicate with the hotel, the text (as well as all the fields) would be displayed in the guest's language.
  • Watch our video regarding registration card configuration which will help you to better understand this matter.