The Manager Report is the master summary used by management to analyse the performance of the day before, month-to-date and year-to-date performances of the hotel. The numbers in this report should always match up to the Accounting Report. If you are unsure about any of the numbers in the Manager Report, open the Accounting Report in detailed mode and find the exact challenge, as all numbers should match.


The report offers a number of filters


  • Confirmed: it will include only confirmed bookings
  • Optional: if you include future dates into the selection, its possible that you have some "optional" bookings, and you can filter by those specifically.


  • Overview: this is an overview of 3 columns
    • Yesterday (or the starting date selected)
    • Month To Date
    • Year To Date
  • Day: it will give a day-by-day split of data for the selected period
  • Month: it will summarize performance month-by-month
  • Quarter: it will summarize performance quarter-by-quarter
  • Year: it will summarize performance year-by-year


  • Net: net revenues only
  • Gross: this is revenues + tax
  • Tax: this is the tax on the revenue only

Results per Space Type

Hotels and hostels may have a variety of Space Types, such as Rooms, Dorms and Beds. As each are different types of spaces, we have separated them in this report.

Key Results the report will return per Space Type:

  • Occupancy: the percentage of spaces booked
  • Available: the amount of spaces that were available for sale in the specific date selection
  • Occupied: the amount of spaces that were booked in the specific date selection
  • Out Of Order: the amount of rooms that were placed Out Of Order in the specific date selection (and were thus removed from the Occupancy and Average Rate calculation, as they were not available for sale)
  • Night Revenue: the Room Revenue linked to this specific space type (including any "mother" space type, such as a Dorm to a Bed)
  • Revenue per Available: the Room Revenue divided by the amount of available spaces in that space type
  • Average Night Rate: the Room Revenue divided by the amount of sold spaces in that space type
  • Direct Night Revenue: the DIRECT Room Revenue (so in a hostel, the Bed revenue booked only as beds... if there is Dorm revenue, this is not included in this line.)

Below the room revenue, you will also see a breakdown of:

  • Product Revenue: the revenue coming from products linked with the accommodation (package products such as breakfast, city tax, etc) - to find a full split of these revenues, use the accounting report, which can break it down into smaller pieces.
  • Additional Revenue: revenue linked from cancelled reservations, such as cancellation fees, same as above, for a full breakdown, use the Accounting Report.

Note: if you have set up Accounting Categories, it will pull the report according to the accounting categories. If you do not have these set up, it will run according to the Services set up at the hotel.