In some countries, it is still important to report all guest information to the foreign police daily. In order to collect this information, it is important to complete the Foreign Police Report daily with all the arrival guests. The report shows the percentage of completion on the dashboard and at the top of the report.

In order to achieve 100% completion, all legally required fields need to be filled in.

If the Foreign Police allow it in the local country, Mews Systems is able to send the report extract automatically. The system will first send the report completion percentage to a manager 1 day after the arrival of guests, so that the hotel will have another 24 hours to finish mistakes and ensure 100% completion. After 24 hours the system sends the report automatically to the police.

Birthday Report

As this is the central report for customer data of guests in house, its also the perfect place to check if any of your guests on arrival or in-house have their birthday during their stay. This will allow you to create truly hospitable moments for guests. There is a filter that allows to filter by the Guest Birthday.