The Customer Statistics Report is an extensive analysis of all of the guest profile data, allowing you to track and compare different groups of customers. This can be an extremely helpful tool for Social Media Managers, Marketing/Sales or PR to analyse customers and target markets. For this report it is essential to have clean data in order to be able to analyse what is going on in your hotel. Often it happens that the "country" that brought the most guests is called Unknown which is an indication that the Front Office didn't make sure that the guests' profiles were filled in properly. This applies also for other fields in the profiles.

The report can compare multiple sets of data, and can analyse them against each other. Below categories are the data points:

  • Address (Country of residence)
  • Age
  • Average Night Rate Per Person
  • Business Segment
  • Customer Category
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Origin
  • Rate
  • Room Category

Mode Numbers in the report can be displayed by "customers" or "nights"

Display You can show numbers in physical numbers "counts" or as "percentages"

Ordering You can either order the report alphabetically, or you can order it by to highest to the lowest value

How to best use the report

There are tens of options how to use this report. Every manager may be interested in different data outcomes. Below are couple of ideas which filters you can use:

  • Origin vs Nationality. If you are seeing a lower number on the Booking Widget for a specific country versus the Channel Manager (relative), then maybe consider translating your website in that language.
  • Gender vs Origin: With this filter you can identify via which channel the values are equal and where it is disproportional. E.g. via your Booking Widget there are the same numbers for men and women whereas Channel Manager brought more men. Maybe it is the description used on the OTA's?
  • Room Types vs Gender: Is it men or women who is more likely to buy upgraded rooms?
  • Room Types vs Origin: This chart will give you an idea which origin brings you higher room categories.
  • Address/Nationality vs Average Night Rate: This will help you understand which countries book the highest rates, and this helps you plan your pay-per-click campaigns to target these high value markets.