Name: name of a stay service

Short name: short name of the stay service

Description: description of the stay service for the Booking Engine

External name: external name is a name visible to guests in Distributor and Navigator, as well as on bills

Categoty: you can allocate the product to any Product category you have created beforehand

Accounting category: a product can be assigned to a particular accounting category

Rebate accounting category: rebate of a product can be assigned to a particular accounting category


  • Bill as package: the item is not going to appear on a bill separately, but will appear as a part of a package
  • Consumed before night: for items consumed in the evening
  • Exclude price from offer: the cost of this product will be added to the service order after the booking is made. It is mainly used for bookings in Amsterdam, where after a booking is made, a 5% city tax is added.
  • Included by default: this product will be pre selected, but a guest can deselect it
  • Offer to customer: make this product bookable by a customer in Distributor or Navigator
  • Offer to employee: make this product bookable by an employee in a new reservation screen
  • Uncountable: the product does not require ‘count’ when ordering on navigator

Promotions: promotions will have live functionality in the future, but currently are not active

Ordering: a position of the product in the list

Currency: currency in which the product is offered

Price: price of the product

VAT rate: value added tax for the product

Relative price (to Night Net): percentage value of a reservation price (e.g. when City tax is 5% of the reservation revenue)


  • Once - e.g. a welcome drink
  • Per person per night - e.g. breakfast
  • Per room night - e.g. parking

Classification: choose classification for the product if needed

Channel manager id: used for mapping to different Channel managers

Good to know

  • In the classification dropdown, only the breakfast classification has an affect in the system. If you assign it to your breakfast product, furure reservations will explicitly state in a confirmation if a reservation includes or does not include breakfast (e.g. "Breakfast is not included").

  • The consumption of services is calculated at the end of stay.