The Guest In House Report displays all guests in house at the time of running the report. The report is ordered by room numbers, starting at the lowest number and going upwards. For each room the report displays all the registered guests in the room. You can then decide what other information to display:


If you add the Balance to the report, it becomes a credit check

Credit Check: it also shows the level of preauthorization taken by the reception on this account and a credit column. The credit column takes the preauthorization and subtracts all the unsettled bill items. If there is a negative balance, the number gets highlighted in red, as it requires action by reception in order to gain more credit on the account.

Customer Notes & Reservation Notes

In case you would like to display the different guest notes on the report.


You can decide to display the products to display. All products that are orderable with accommodation can be selected individually. This report is most often used by the Breakfast Restaurant, so that they have a list of guests in the morning, for whom they can check whether or not they have breakfast included in their room reservation.