Mews offers you multiple options how to keep in touch with the customers and how to customize the information that your clients are provided with.

Using HTML you can set up the following e-mails:

After end e-mail

This e-mail is sent out to the customers who just proceeded with their check-out. This e-mail can serve a purpose of a Thank you e-mail offering the guest possibility to leave a review of your property (e.g. Tripadvisor).

Cancellation e-mail

Cancellation e-mail is sent when the reservation is cancelled to inform the customer about this event. You can always decide whether to send this e-mail or not by ticking the option during the cancellation process in the Reservation module.

Confirmation e-mail

This e-mail is sent out when the customer creates the Confirmed reservation using the Distributor or when the reservation is created manually through the New Reservation Screen.

Confirmation e-mail should always include the button for on-line check-in (see below the part about Placeholders). We also advise this e-mail to include possible upsell possibilities as well recommendations, etc.

In the New Reservation Screen, you have the possibility to either not send the e-mail (when desired not to disclose the details to the customer) or to send it to a custom e-mail.

Quotation e-mail

When creating Optional reservation you have the possibility to inform the customer about the details of the booking as well as about the date when the booking will be released.

Release date reminder

Two days before the release date of the Optional reservation, you can kindly remind the customer about the reservation so that the booking can either be confirmed or cancelled not to block your availability. Note that reservations are not automatically released.

Good to know

  • Even when you haven't created any of the e-mails, the system sends them out for you with the most important information by means of a default e-mail.
  • The e-mails may be either disabled (Release date reminder) or enabled by default (Confirmation, Cancellation, After end) in the Options of the Stay services.
  • When you want to create a customized e-mail, the system pre-fills the text field of the English-US langauge with a template (the same that is sent out when no e-mail is created) for you to better understand the required formatting.
  • To generate text or information from the system, Placeholders can be used. What is a Placeholder? It is an "empty" part of the text that is explicitly given and in the e-mail itself it is replaced by the specific information from the system.Do not remove placeholders. This is important e.g. for personalization of the e-mails by automatically adding the names of the guests or e.g. information about the booking. For the list of placeholders, please refer to our FAQ here.
  • Watch our video regarding the e-mail templates which will help you to better understand how to set them up properly.