Cancellation Conditions

The system calculates which cancellation conditions should be charged to guests based on the time of the cancellation. Let’s say you have a rate with a cancellation policy of 24 hours prior to arrival. The system knows that your check-in time is 15:00, so if you cancel the reservation at 14:59 the day prior, it knows not to charge any fee. If it were one minute later, however, it would correctly post cancellation fees.

  • To set a new cancellation condition, select the button "New Cancellation Policy" in the "Options" section of rates. You can select for the specific rate type how many days prior the guest is allowed to cancel free of charge. If the guest cannot cancel, then leave this field black.
  • Cancellation Fee Fixed: If you want to charge a fixed cancellation fee, put the amount in this field.
  • Cancellation Fee Percentage: If you want to charge a percentage, complete the field here.
  • Cancellation Fee Maximum Nights: This is an important field that requires careful attention. If you complete it with the number “1”, it will charge 1 night cancellation fee (adjusted by the cancellation fee percentage). If you complete it with “0”, it will not charge any cancellation fee. If you leave the field blank, it will charge the reservation fully, adjusted by the cancellation percentage.