Step 1

Setup New Printer Integration: In the Mews Commander open the settings, select the “Integrations”, "Facility management" and follow these steps:

  • Select “Printer integrations” from the possible integrations list and create a new one
  • Set the name to “Printer list” and enable the integration
  • Select the “printers menu to set up the individual printers
  • Select “New printer” button
  • Name: this is the name your team will see, set it to something clear (e.g. "Printer back office")
  • Printer Name: set this to the exact name of the printer as displayed in the settings of your Windows computer
  • Driver & Port Name – leave these fields blank

Step 2

Setup New Connector Integration: Once you have set up all individual printers you would like to connect, please contact to create Connector integration for you and to connect the printers to this connector. Once they do, you will be able to copy the access token from the Connector integration to paste into Mews Connector app (see the step 3).

Step 3

Download the Mews Connector software: Download the latest version of the Mews Connector App from the below link:

Step 4

Install the Mews Connector: Once downloaded, install the application on a computer that is linked to the network or to a printing device that you would like to connect. Note that the computer needs to be switched on at all times during the usage of the Mews Commander, otherwise, the integration will not work.

Step 5

Set the token into the Mews Connector:

  • Return to the previously installed Mews Connector Application.
  • Paste the previously copied token in the application.
  • Return to the Mews Commander and try to print a test report. Print jobs are executed within 5 seconds of receiving the command.