Setting up the Cashiers

To set up the cashier for your hotel, there are 2 options:

  1. The hotel may decide that all receptionists share 1 float of money. You can then assign multiple receptionists to 1 cashier in the system.
  2. All receptionists may have their own float of money. You can then only assign 1 receptionist to a cashier in the system.

To set up the cashier, select in the settings the "Cashier" button. Once you are in the settings, you can select to create a new cashier. It will prompt you to allocate a name to the cashier, which could either be the name of the receptionist or just a generic name if you are sharing the cashier.

You can select which currencies you would like to allow the user to accept.

All of the users in the system display below the name, and you can tick the users that you would like to give access to the cashier. Once these users are ticked and saved in the system, they will immediately see a new icon on their screen allowing them to use the cashier.

Within these settings you can also tick the box "Currency Exchange.” This option will activate the currency exchange for your hotel. You can set up the currency exchange with the fair rate, with a percentage commission, or with a fixed commission.

Note: every user who accepts money, MUST be assigned to a cashier. If a user who is not assigned a cashier, accepts money, and posts this on a guest bill, the money bill not be communicated to the cashier, and you will end up with an unbalanced cashier.