In a number of European countries there are different rules on when you have to pay VAT. For example, in the Czech Republic, Denmark and Austria VAT should be paid when the payment is taken (not when the service is consumed). For that reason, we have created a feature where you can make a payment with a today’s date to pay VAT correctly, and then make future corrections.

In order to create a deposit:

  • Go to a customer’s booking
  • Open the Items tab
  • In the Additional expenses field find the New deposit button and click it

In the opened window you will see the information about the deposit you are taking. The system will automatically set the Price value to 100 per cent of the reservation cost, but you can edit the fields if you wish.

Once you click Create, the Billing tab will open, and in the Open Bills section you will see the deposit item that you have just created and that needs to be paid today. Pay and close the bill, so that it gets reported to the government. Now you will notice that the item on the left-hand side became balanced to zero. You will be able to close the bill on that item when the customer checks out without a need of extra payments.

Automatic Deposit Handling

If you use Mews Merchant or direct Adyen integration that is fully set up in the PMS, you can automate deposits.

  • Go to general SettingsServicesStayRate groups
  • Choose an existing Rate group or create a new one
  • Tick the Use settlement deposits checkbox
  • Save

Activating Use settlement deposits for a particular rate group will settle deposits automatically when reservations for that rate group come in. The guest’s credit card will be charged and a deposit will be posted on the guest’s account.

If you go to the Billing tab of the Customer's profile, there is not going to be any open bills. In the Unpaid items/Deposits section you will see items balanced with the deposit.

If you would like to check it, you can go to the customer's Dashboard and check items closed in the Bills and invoices section. Click on the item to see more information.

Good to know

  • you can watch our video about Automatic deposit handling