The Mews Commander supports multiple currencies, however rates need to be set in 1 base accounting currency. If you decide to set the exchange rate manually, you can do this in the "Exchange Rate" submenu. We recommend hotels change their exchange rate minimum 1 time yearly.

If you accepts multiple currencies, firstly in the "General Settings" chose the currencies, and if you want to maintain them manually, in the "Exchange Rates" screen you can set the rates at which you would like to exchange.

Multi Currency Environment

The Mews Commander works with a multi-currency environment, meaning that you can follow a different sales currency (or multiple sales currencies) that will at some point be converted to the local currency. If you regularly change the exchange rate, it will be more common that exchange rate differences occur.

The Mews Commander has automated the calculation of exchange rate differences, and will post these automatically on bills, rather than relying on the Front Desk staff to post these manually. What will happen if an exchange rate difference occurs is that on the Billing Screen of the guest profile, you will see a notice on the bill that an exchange rate difference occurred. The system calculated the amount, and if you close the bill, we will post the correction, to ensure the correct handling of the exchange rates.

Why do exchange rate difference occur in a multi-currency environment? See below example

On the 1st of January a Non-Refundable Booking is made for the 5th of February. As its a non-refundable rate, the exchange rate is set at the time of the booking, because its a pre-paid rate, and this should prevent exchange rate differences. However for whatever reason, the hotel does not charge the reservation until 1 week later, and in the meantime the exchange rate may have changed in which the payment would be posted (1 week later). Thus an exchange rate difference has occurred between the rate, which was converted on the 1st of January, and the payment which was posted on the 7th of January.