EET CZ integration is an integration used for the Czech Ministry of Finance. Before setting up the integration, please, make sure you have acquired the EET certificate from the Ministry of Finance (the extension of the certificate file is .P12, and its number is a VAT).

In order to add the EET integration, proceed to Integrations within Settings, click the Create button, choose the Fiscalization section and then EET CZ integration.

Please, fill in the following fields in the EET CZ integration window:

  • Name: name of the integration
  • Tax id number: the VAT number of the subject responsible for reporting the revenue of your hotel
  • Site identifier: the number assigned by Finanční správa, serves a purpose of a location ID
  • Certificate password: a password chosen when creating a certificate

After you click Create, you would be able to add your certificate file from your computer as well as enable and set the integration as default.

When everything from the above is set, you can start issuing bills that include Fiskální identifikační kód (FIK) and Bezpečnostního kódu poplatníka (BKP), which are required by the Czech law. If submiting an information about a closed bill to EET fails, the system will re-send it within the legally required 48 hours.