HotelRez is a Global Distribution System (GDS) that enables pricing, availability and functionality link between you and a large network of travel agencies and consortia.

The only rate HotelRez supports is a base rate (NN84), meaning that even if you have any other rates, they will not be displayed through the channel manager. In Mews the base rate is always a Fully flexible rate.

HotelRez does not support any products (e.g. breakfast, parking etc). Products are to be added via the Package rules in Mews Commander.

A reservation import from HotelRez to Mews is not applicable, as it is a Global Distribution System, not a Channel Manager.

These are the elements needed to set up an integration:

  • Name: name of the integration for your convenience
  • Channel manager id: id of the channel manager
  • Notification email: an email address to which you will receive notifications
  • Enabled operations: offers a choice of operations that can be activated with the channel manager
  • Options: the tickbox is not to be used in this integration

If it is your first time setting up a HotelRez integration, it can be done by the Mews team. If you are more experienced, you may proceed with the installation on your own.