Previously to configure the Distributor you needed a webmaster. The new tool, however, allows to set necessary settings in the Mews app directly, and we will automatically implement them for your Distributor.

In order to open Distributor configurations:

  • Open General settings
  • In the right-hand side menu choose Services
  • Choose stay services (accommodation)
  • In the right-hand side menu choose Distributor configurations

In order to add a new Distributor configuration, click the add button in the top right corner. You can fill in the following details:

  • Name: Name of your new distributor configuration.

  • Identifier: The identifier value can be filled in if you would like to transfer some information from an API.

  • Is default: Allows you to set the Distributor configuration as default.

  • Language: Language of the booking engine.

  • Currency: Choose the Distributor currency (the list will show only currencies available at your hotel).

  • Start date offset: Determines how many days from a current day the default start date of the reservation will be.

  • End date offset: Determines how many days from a current day the default end date of the reservation will be.

  • Adult count: The default number of adults pre-filled in the Distributor.

  • Child count: The default number of children pre-filled in the Distributor.

  • Voucher code: The field allows to pre-fill a voucher code for a particular Distributor configuration.

  • Display special requests: Determines if you would like to display a special requests field at the end of the reservation process.

  • Display rate comparison: Takes travel agencies from the box below and sets their rates to the same rates as yours.

  • Online travel agencies: The list of travel agencies to be displayed as per the option above.

  • Intro video URL: A download link to a video that would be displayed once the booking engine opens up.

    • Store your video in .mp4 format on a web page in the cloud. Video's from Youtube, Vimeo & comparable sites will not work.
    • Copy the link of the address and paste it into the Mews configuration.
  • GTM container id: Google Tag Manager id that you can integrate in the booking engine for analytics purposes.

  • Primary colour: Allows to select a main colour for the booking engine by providing a hex code.

Category mappings

  • If left unspecified, all space types will be mapped and available in the Distributor.
  • If you would like to prevent some room categories from being displayed, you need to fill in those room categories that you do want to display. Some hostels, for example, might want to hide individual beds in private rooms. It would be useful for reporting, but would prevent beds in private rooms being sold separetely.
  • The Preview button allows you to preview Distributor with your new configurations.


  • The generated script allows you to add the Distributor to your webpage.

Good to know

  • We have a video about booking engine configurations.
  • Here there is additional information for webmasters, that they can find useful when integrating the Distributor to your website.