Most of the managers seek to have the information about the mix of business in their property. For that purpose, every reservation in the system may have different business segment assigned based on source/nature of the booking. This way, running the Reservation report Group By: Business Segment you will have great overview what kind of reservations your property has. However, it is perfectly fine if your property doesn't operate with the business segmentation. If that is the case, you don't need to set anything up.


It couldn't be simpler -> you just click the create button and there you go. You can create e.g. Business, Leisure, Group, OTA etc. This is absolutely up to the internal policies of the property.

How to assign business segments

Creating business segments is just a first step. In order for the system to recognize the segments, you need to go to the General settings of Stay Services and under the tab Options select Default Business Segment. That will assure that another select box appears when you create new manual reservation. This default business segment will be pre-filled there (so it should be the one that of which you expect the most reservations coming to your property). If you do not specify Channel manager business segment or Distributor business segment the default segment will be assigned also to the bookings coming from channel manager and booking engine.

Good to know

  • It may always happen that the nature of the reservation changes (e.g. the guest originally booked Business but in fact his trip changed to Leisure). You can always change the business segment in the Reservation module under the tab Properties.
  • Watch our video regarding the Business segments which will help you to better understand how to set them up properly and how they work.