What will change for the hotel operations?

- Once the integration is set-up in your hotel by the Mews team, new buttons will appear in the Reservation module (in the State tab where you do the check-in).

    - Cut all keys

    - Cut key

Where will the keys be cut?

- Each of the above mentioned buttons has a drop down with all the encoders that are used in the hotels.

What do these buttons do?

- Cut key will make the command to the key cutter (that you chose in the drop-down) to cut key for the number of guests in the selected room.

- Cut all keys will make the same command as above but for all the selected rooms within the group.

When should cutting of the keys directly in Mews should be used?

- This integration serves the purpose to speed up the check-in process when the customer comes to the reception. The time of the check-in and check-out (when the key card is functional) depends on the check-in and check-out time of the reservation. 

- The above mentioned means that the key should be always cut after checking the person in so that you encode the key card with the current time so that the card works immediately for the customer.

- If you cut the key in advance, the check-in time (time from when the card is working) will be the general check-in time of the hotel.