This document serves as a guide for any hotel in Portugal that wishes to have the report for police generated automatically daily in the required format to a specific email address.


Hotels can set up the integration by themselves following the points below:

Name: This field may remain blank.

Hotel code: Hotel code provided by the Portuguese police.

Tax ID number: Tax ID number of the hotel.

To: Email address where the export should be sent. There can be multiple emails set up (using either coma or semicolon)

Daily report execution time: Time when should the export be generated and sent. By default it is set up to 9:00AM but you may change it to any time of the day you wish (the logic is that when you fill in 0 hours and 0 minutes it is generated at midnight. If you fill in 10 hours and 45 minutes it is generated at 10:45AM, etc.).

Once you fill everything in, you click the button Create and then you Enable the integration.


The format of the export is .csv.

Generated data

The report is generated for all the arriving guests for yesterday.

1st line consists of:

(Constant value) | BA03 (File type - consant value) | Tax ID number | Hotel code | Name of the hotel | Hotel address (Address line 1) | City of the hotel | Postal code (First 4 digits) | Postal code (Last 3 digits) | Telephone number of the hotel 

2nd line and further consist of:

(Constant value) | Last name | First name | Nationality (ISO 3166-1 aplha-3 format) | Birthdate | Document number | Document type | Country of issue (ISO 3166-1 aplha-3 format) | Customer country of residence (ISO 3166-1 aplha-3 format) | Reservation start | Reservation end


Hotels are responsible for the all the fields being filled in accordingly.

Hotels are also responsible to make sure that the reports are delivered to the police as required.