Duetto Reservation Export Integration

If you have reached an agreement with Duetto on using their software with the integration with Mews, they have sent us (and you) request for access token and also shared with you the steps to setup the integration in Mews.

Duetto doesn’t pull data directly from Mews but receives a reservation report export every hour to have the latest data. For the data to arrive to Duetto accordingly, please follow the below manual:


Setting up an FTP account in Mews.



1. Sign into Mews.

2. Go to the Menu - Settings - Integrations.

3. Go to Create new integration.

4. Select Duetto reservation export integration.

5. Complete the fields as follows:

a. Name: This can remain blank.

b. Dataset identifier: "mws".

c. FTP URL: Paste unique URL from Duetto.

d. FTP mode:  "Active".

e. Username: Paste from Duetto.

f.  Password: Paste from Duetto.

6. Click Create.

7. Tick the box "Enabled" and save the changes made.


*Duetto will now receive updated Reservation report every hour.

Exporting historical reservations for Duetto.



1. Once confirmation is received a Hotel must generate a Duetto reservation report within Mews. (historic reservations)

2. Return to the dashboard and select “Reservations Report” under the section “Reservations”.

3. Under Reservations Reports, the following fields must be completed and all other fields left blank.


Options: Remove products from selection

                Include additional expense

                Include nights

Values: NET

Mode: Detailed

Filter: Created or updated

Start date & End date: Duetto needs data from the beginning of the hotel’s operations (or otherwise stated by Duetto) until present day. Due to high load of data (reservations), the report should be run for three months at a time.

Example: So if your hotel operates for one year, you will generate four reports.

All other fields may be left blank.

Under OK, please select the Duetto reservation export integration and save it.

Send the generated reports to Duetto.