Report Generation

After the Snapshot integration been provisioned. Snapshot requests validation reports from Mews to be sent.

  1. Snapshot needs to validate the data accuracy they are pulling form Mews using the Manager report.
  2. Snapshot will get in touch with the property suggesting the date and time the report should be generated in Mews.
  3. At the agreed date and time the hotel needs to generate a Manager report with the following filters:
    • Mode: Day
    • Start: first day of the previous month.
    • End: Last day of the next month
    • Group by: Accounting category classification
    • Status: Confirmed
    • Values: Net

                Example: If the report is exported on 7th March, the Start will be 1st February and End will be 30th April.

  1. Export this report and send to Snapshot.
  2. Snapshot will validate this. If the information is correct they will inform the hotel.
  3. If not they inform the Mews integration team at