Managers and Supervisors are usually responsible for creating, updating or removing the employee's (users/team members) profiles.

In order to create new employee, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Settings" button on the main menu
  2. Click on "Employees’" icon
  3. Click on + button
  4. Update all the details and save (Please ensure that this user provides you with a unique e-mail address. Each user in Mews must have a unique e-mail, where the password gets sent to)
  5. Add required employee roles depends on his/her duties (Note that if you would like to give an employee ADMIN rights, be extremely careful with this, as they will have all rights to update any part of the configuration of the hotel. Only 2-3 persons in a hotel should have this right).

Once you have created the user, he/she will receive an e-mail from the system with a link to set their password. If they did not receive the e-mail, try the following:
  • The e-mail may have landed in the spam folder of their mailbox
  • Go to and select "forgot password" on the login page, and it will resend the link to the user

Below is a rundown of the different options you can allocate to an employee:
  • Manage Employees: Manage and create inferior users & assign workplace privileges
  • Configure Enterprise: Do not assign this to a hotel user
  • Configure Services: Enables employee to manage services.
  • Configure Spaces: Enables employee to modify spaces. It also allows placing rooms "Out Of Order".
  • Issue Invoices: Gives the right to create invoices with future payment date.
  • Manage Companies: Enables creation and management of Company Profiles
  • Manage Customers: Enables creation and management of Customer Profiles
  • Manage Reservations: Gives the right to amend details of a booking.
  • Manage Travel Agencies: Enables creation and management of Travel Agent Profiles
  • Modify Closed Bills: Gives the right to modify bill address, or assign to company or travel agent after its been created.
  • Overbook Services: Gives the right to create bookings, even when the room type is fully booked.
  • Perform Housekeeping: Gives the right to change room status clean/dirty/etc.
  • Receive Customer Messages: Gives the right to receive customer messages from Navigator