We have implemented an app that speeds up printing process. The function of the application is to allow directly printing from the PMS. Currently in order to print a bill/reg-card/report etc. you have to open it first as a PDF and then print it from that service. However in order to speed up check-in/out and allow full functionality from a mobile device, we would like to introduce the Mews Connector Application.

The Application is a Windows based app. We recommend to install it on a computer that is always switched on, and linked to the network to which the printers are also set up. The app will run quietly in the background at all times.

Contact our Support team for the actualised setup guide.

We have already tested this manual in multiple hotels, and found that if the setup fails, not all exact steps were taken during the setup process, so in that case return to start, and try the setup again. The application is provided to all hotels for free, as part of the Mews service.