If you are comparing different reports, and you think the numbers are not matching, always be sure to check all of the following possibilities before you contact support: 
  • If you run a report until the last day of a period at 00:00 hrs, this does not include this last date, so always check the “end date” of your reports
  • If you compare reports, always ensure you either compare the report inclusive or exclusive of VAT on both reports you are comparing 
  • If you compare reports, always ensure you are comparing apples for apples. For example the Reservations Report includes package-products, whereas the Occupancy Report is exclusive of these products. 
  • If you are comparing the same report at different times and the numbers have changed, this is most likely due to the “Editable History Window” which is set to more than a few hours, and therefore allow the team to change the history of the system, by cancelling/adding bookings or amending bookings. Ensure that the editable history window is not set to more than 1 day.