It may happen that you are trying to cancel a booking, and you receive an error message. There could be multiple reasons (and often the error messages explains why).

  • it could happen that the accommodation of products linked to the accommodation (city tax, breakfast, etc) are on a closed bill. If you have closed the bill with the accommodation related charges, it will sometimes not be possible to shorten the stay, as the system will be trying to correct products on the original stay, and this is not possible. Therefore we always recommend to close bills only on the day of departure. If you still need to cancel products, we recommend to rebate these directly on the bill of the customer
  • it could happen that you are trying to cancel a no-show and the system does not allow it. This is due to the editable history window, which has expired, meaning that the window during which you can made changes to no shows has elapsed, and you will need to ask your ADMIN at the hotel to re-open the window. Note that you may have to also inform accounting, as this will impact accounting reports, as you are cancelling accommodation revenue, which is already on printed reports.