There are different possible scenarios here: 
  • There are a few items on the bill, and some items need to be moved to another bill. This is easy, as next to each item there is a little arrow, which allows you to open the bill and then move the item in that bill. Once you have moved the item into a bill, you can select to also move it to another customer, if you want a different name on the bill.
  • You want to split 1 item into 2 or more smaller parts. This is not so easy, so what you would need to do it, first rebate the original item, and then re-post it in 2 or more parts, manually. You can move each sub-item in its own bill, take payment and close it. 
  • You have 1 bill with multiple items, and 2 persons want to split it equally. The easiest would be to simply post the payments of the 2 persons onto this bill, and print the bill twice, to give one copy to each customer.