The Accounting Ledger is and overview of all open bills that contain items that have been consumed.

Note that “payments” are considered as items that are consumed at the time of posting, and thus a lot of the open accounts, will be accounts with the pre-payments for a future booking.

The Accounting Ledger is divided into several sections:
  • To Be Resolved: guests' names with this tag next to it, and open accounts of guests who do not have a future reservation, but consumed items on the bill. This denotes it as an account that needs attention, and the hotel needs to find out why the customer has not paid yet, find payment and close those bills asap. 
  • In House: these are accounts of guests who are currently in house. There is no real problem, as they are in house, and they are still supposed to check-out and settle their open balance. We highlight these accounts mostly for the accounting department, who needs to know the open balance at the end of the month. 
  • Accounts without tags: if the account does not have a tag next to the name, it means that we have recognized a future booking against that account, even though there are already consumed items on the account (often these are prepayments). So there is currently nothing to be resolved.