One of the big differences from traditional PMS systems is that Mews system has the ability to post cancellation charges automatically.

Traditionally if you cancelled a booking, you would have to manually calculate whether there are cancellation charges and how much these should be. Once calculated, you had to open a bill for that guest and post the charges manually.

In Mews, the system knows your different rates and what cancellation charges apply to those rates. So once you cancel e.g. a non-refundable booking system knows that 100% of the cancellation fees needs to be posted on the bill.

If you do not like this feature, you can go to the Rate Groups (in the Admin panel) and delete the cancellation fee rules on each rate, and the system will no longer automatically post cancellation fees.

Note: If Mews for example receive a cancellation of a non-refundable booking, even though there is a cancellation fee set up, system will not charge it. Channel Managers are not allowed to cancel Non-Ref bookings without approval of the hotel, so they will always have some kind of approval, before we get the instruction from the Channel Manager, which is why system does not post fees in this case.