We always recommend that you do NOT close the guest bills until the day of departure. However we understand that in some cases it may happen that you have closed a bill before departure.

Then if a guest comes to reception, and asks to shorten his stay, its quite likely that the system will not allow this and give you an error "Cannot modify an item that has already been billed".

If you get this error, you can still make a change to this booking, but you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Open the booking, and click on the "items" tab
  2. Cancel the products on the booking, such as city tax or breakfast. The system will then post a refund to the guest bill.
  3. Go to the "properties" tab and shorten (or prolong) the reservation. Note that if you are shortening the booking, the system will post a refund to make a correction to the originally posted revenue. (If you selected to cancel the night WITH fee, it will also post cancellation fee)
  4. Check the bill of the guest to see if he/she has to pay anything in terms of cancellation fees.
    • If the bill is balanced to 0,- you can simply close the bill, as its just a correction of the revenue (from Accommodation revenue to Cancellation revenue).
    • If there is an open balance, its most likely a refund, as you cancelled the booking without fee, meaning you have to give money back to the guest.