The Mews Navigator is the concierge application, which allows guests of your hotel to communicate directly with the reception. One of the features in the application is the "message" function.

When a guest logs into the Navigator, and we recognize that he/she has a booking at your hotel, we will initiate a conversation with them at strategic moments of their booking. For example:

  • 1 day prior to arrival we ask them: "You are arriving tomorrow at HotelName, what can we do from our side to make your stay more special?"
  • On the day of check-in: "We hope you have settled in nicely, is everything fine with your room?"

If a customer responds to this message, you will receive a notification in the Mews Commander, where you will see a number appearing on the Message Icon. If you click on the envelope icon for message, it will open the message portal.

From here you can respond directly to guests. Once you have responded, don't forget to tick the "tick" icon to show to your colleagues that you have actioned the request, and turn it from Blue (to be actioned) to Black (actioned)