The language of the confirmation email is determined based on the guest and the system tries to be as intuitive and accurate as possible. Below, I will explain the hierarchy of how the language is chosen by the system (how the system prioritize the choice).

  1. Language of the user → means that the email will be sent in the language in which the user operates in Distributor or Navigator, (when you go to the Internals of the guest, you will see the choice of the language).
  2. If the user didn’t choose any language, it takes the language of the customer’s native country
  3. If none of the two was applied, the system takes the native labguage of the user (should he specify it in the Navigator).
  4. The default language of the hotel is used when none of the three above mentioned options were used.

It sounds complicated but we believe it is a great help for the customization of the communication with the guests. To make it little easier, below is explanation of the difference of the user and customer:

The difference between Customer and User is:

  • Customer is the personal entity in your hotel
  • User is the personal entity within the whole Mews system (when the guest registers in Navigator it creates profile which the person can later use in any of the hotels that operates with Mews – order products, ask questions, use guides, etc.)

Therefore, when you want to resend the email through the E-mail tab to the guest, it will be again sent in his/her language. If you insert custom email address, it will take the default language of the hotel.