The Mews Distributor can be set up and managed directly via the Mews Commander. In order to access it, in General settings find Services and select your Stay services. In the right-side hand menu find Distributor configurations. In order to ensure the Mews Distributor works optimally, ensure that all of the following configuration is set up:

Room Types

All room types should be fully configured, this means:

  • Set number of beds and extra beds correctly
  • Add room type descriptions
  • Add a photo for each room type - minimum size should be full HD resolution (1920 × 1080). There is no maximum size as the system will downsize it if it is too big.
  • Order E-mail Template: for some rooms, you might want to add some specific text to the standard confirmation e-mail. For example if a room type is located in another building, add some additional details. You can simply type it in this field, and we will automatically add it to the confirmation is someone books this room type.

Rate Types

All public rates will always automatically display on the Mews Distributor, so ensure that all rates have the following fields completed:

  • Rate descriptions, some examples:

    • Bad Rate Names: "Master Rate", "BAR Rate", "NR Rate", "Min 2 nts rate" --> these rates are customer un-friendly, as guests do not know abreviations and they do not know industry terminology
    • Good Rate Names: "Best Available - Flexible Rate!", "Non Refundable - Best Deal!" --> they describe the benefits of that particular rate to the customer.
  • External Name field: you can use this field if you would like to set up a customer-friendly name, which is different from the "internal name" which is used in the Mews Commander. If you fill in the External Name, this is the rate name that the guest will see on the Distributor and his/her confirmation e-mail.

  • If you add a city tax or service charge to the booking after the booking is made, be sure to explain this also in the rate description.


If you would like to offer the guest the option to include breakfast, or any other product (bottle of wine, flowers, etc) to their reservation, there is no need to create multiple different rates that lead to confusion. Simply create products, that the customer can select upon booking to be added to any rate selected.

Be sure to have good product descriptions, and its important that you select how the product will be charged:

  • Per person per night - for example breakfast
  • Per room night - for example parking
  • Once - cleaning fee for a dog

How to embed the Distributor into your website?

Please, see the article on Distributor configurations to find out how Distributor can be embedded into your website.

Chain Distributor

Chain Distributor adds a dropdown menu with your hotels to the first Distributor page, so that customers do not need to access the Distributor separately for each hotel but can choose a hotel within the Distributor.

In order to configure what hotels should appear in the Chain distributor, simply add either another hotel id or another Distributor configuration identifier to a URL of already existing Distributor, separating ids by semicolons. Please note, those should be either hotel ids or Distribuor configuration identifiers, you cannot mix the two types.