Properties now have an option to add their billing address and contact details for the Financial Department directly in Mews under the Settings - Property - Subscription.

The first three fields (email address, first name and last name) refer to the contact person from the financial department, to whom the invoices will be sent. Information from these fields will not be shown on the invoice - it's only a contact to the person in charge of the property's accounting department. 

This is not a general contact with the hotel.

The remaining fields are used to enter the billing address.

We'll review this contact list before monthly invoicing, so if any change is made to the property (change of company name, change of email address, etc.), this will be reflected for the first time on the invoice for the month that is issued on the last day of the month .

There is no need to contact the Mews Financial Department if you need to change any data, but every property can easily update by themselves directly in Mews.