If your hotel has set up an integrated payments solution and set up the non-refundable to charge automatically at the time of booking we will do our best to charge all cards received. However sometimes it happens that the card is not charged. This could have multiple reasons:
  • The credit card was not stored correctly. When you open the booking, next to the guest name there should be a payment card icon. If you do not see the icon, this means that during the storage process, the payment provider declined the card, either it is invalid, or there are insufficient funds on the card. You will have to either contact the guest or travel agent to obtain a new card.
  • The credit card was stored but it is a virtual card: for example Expedia sends along virtual credit card which only become chargeable on the day of arrival. Therefore we will still store the card, but you cannot take payment until arrival date.
  • The credit card was stored but does not have sufficient funds. If you see that there is a credit card attached to the profile, always check the “payments” tab on the guest profile and check the notes. If the notes state that the customer has insufficient funds, kindly contact the customer to provide a different card.